Durabric Cladding Installation

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Along one edge of each Durabric panel there is a 10mm gap between the brick edge and the edge of the cement sheet – this will be the mortar line for the row of panels installed above. When screwing the panels in place ONLY SCREW THROUGH THE BRICKS – NOT IN A MORTAR LINE, as this can cause the sheets to crack.

Durabric panels should NOT be installed directly to new framework. A substrate of bracing ply (6-8mm), plaster or similar will ensure the panels are not easily broken. It is recommended that sissalation be installed under the bracing ply to ensure waterproofing. If no ply is being used, install sissalation onto the frame first.

Product Profile

Panel Size1800mm wide x 600mm high
Coverage1.08m2 per panel
Cement Sheet4.5mm
Brick4.0 - 5.0mm
Total Thickness10mm
Panel Weight10 - 11Kg

Installation Guidelines

When fixing Durabric panels to the substrate, eight (8) screws per panel is ample. Screw in each corner, the middle of the long edges and two in the middle. Cutting panels requires a MASONRY disc in a circular saw, angle grinder or bench saw. If possible, cut from the rear of the panel to avoid any pieces of brick that may fly off, and miter corners at 45 degrees.

When the sheets are installed next to each other ensure the edge of the panel has no excess brick on it. In some cases you may find the brick has eased onto the edge of the cement sheet - simply run a screw driver or similar along the edge to remove any excess.

Suggested layout of panels, where sheets 4 & 7 are created by cutting one sheet in half.

Finishing Up

All screw holes and corner gaps are concealed using the filler supplied with your Durabric panels in a tough plastic bag, ready to use. You DO NOT NEED TO ADD WATER to the provided filler. Attempt to store the filler in a cool dark place and DO NOT LEAVE IN THE SUN. If possible, leave the filler to dry overnight before painting / sealing.

Durabric panels are supplied unfinished to allow you to create the desired finish effect.

You can choose to finish your Durabric cladding using a number of different styles. Please note that Durabric panels must only be painted / sealed with ACRYLIC paint / products - DO NOT USE ENAMEL PRODUCTS. Enamel paint products or thinners may cause the bricks to become soft.

Popular finishes used by Durabric customers
  • Rendered or Bagged - applying a cement / lime / sand mix with optional pigment
  • Bagged and Painted - a rough render sealed with a single colour acrylic paint coating
  • Realistic Painted - creating a realistic brick finish by applying paint effects to the brick face
Recommended Finishing Products

Finish Examples

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Durabric is Australian Made

Durabric is a wholly Australian owned and run company that manufactures quality Australian made imitation brick cladding for commercial and residential use. We supply shop-fitters, builders, creative-designers, architects, small to large businesses, retail outlets, restaurants and cafés, work-place offices, building companies of all sizes, and of course - the general public.