Durabric Imitation Brick Cladding

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The Best Alternative

If your commercial fitout or residential renovation calls for a stylish brick finish, but cost and / or load limitations have you seeking an alternative solution - you've found it.

Durabric is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. The bricks are made from a mixture of natural aggregates; triple washed sand and a water-based co-polymer adhesive, developed in a commercial mixer and then applied to a cement sheet backing. These sheets are then stacked into large racks and baked in an industrial gas-fired kiln. This process bonds the bricks to the cement sheeting and hardens the bricks. A day later they can be removed and stacked - ready to be shipped.

Durabric imitation brick cladding is manufactured using high quality, non-toxic, locally sourced building materials. The cement sheet backing is sourced from CSP Architectural and the triple washed sand that is used to form the 'bricks' is provided by Mercuri Garden & Building Supplies.

Economic Versatility

Durabric is a versatile and durable 'faux' brick finish for both interior and exterior applications.

Each sheet / panel weighs just 10Kg - the same coverage in real brick would weigh over XKg and require a qualified tradesperson to install. Durabric is easy to handle and install, providing the same aesthetic benefit as real brick at less cost in both material and labour.

How Easy?

  1. Choose desired brick shape (eight options to choose from)
  2. Fix to wall and apply the supplied ready-to-use filler to joins and screw holes
  3. Apply render, bagging and/or acrylic based paint of choice
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Durabric is Australian Made

Durabric is a wholly Australian owned and run company that manufactures quality Australian made imitation brick cladding for commercial and residential use. We supply shop-fitters, builders, creative-designers, architects, small to large businesses, retail outlets, restaurants and caf├ęs, work-place offices, building companies of all sizes, and of course - the general public.