Ordering & Delivery

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We happily accept orders via email or fax, or at the factory directly. Panels are shipped following receipt of payment.

Delivery / Transport

Delivery costs and logistics are calculated on a per order basis. Durabric is delivered anywhere in Australia. All freight services are by Northline. They are very reliable and take great care of our pallets of bricks. Customers in Melbourne can arrange to pick up panels from our factory in Bundoora. If you are using your own freight company, please take note of below details:

  • Our pallets are 2.3m long x 0.7m wide (height will depend on the quantity ordered)
  • 65 panels maximum per pallet
  • No pallet can be loaded or stacked on top of another
  • All deliveries either a forklift unload - or - man power to hand unload
  • Pallets cannot be delivered to a work site with nobody present
Pallet specifications

Transport pallet dimensions

We use the services of Northline freight services for transportation and delivery of Durabric panels across Australia.
Estimated Pallet Weights
  • 10 Sheets - 130kg
  • 20 sheets - 240kg
  • 30 sheets - 350kg
  • 40 sheets - 460kg
  • 50 sheets - 570kg
  • 65 sheets - 770kg
Loading & Delivery Schedule

Loading of orders begins each week day from 9:00am, with final deliveries completed by 2:00pm. Deliveries are made Monday - Friday only. Collection of orders from our factory must be pre-booked.

Quote Process

Quotes can be provided immediately upon receipt of the following information:

  1. The number of panels or total m2 coverage you require
  2. Address for delivery of panels
  3. Date that Durabric panels are required to be delivered by

Request A Quote

When calculating the number of panels needed, please take into account that the brick pattern needs to be maintained in order for the wall to look as realistic as possible. This may result in a slightly higher waste allowance, depending on the shape and dimensions of the substrate (wall or pillars).

Please contact us if you are unsure about how many panels you will require.

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Durabric is Australian Made

Durabric is a wholly Australian owned and run company that manufactures quality Australian made imitation brick cladding for commercial and residential use. We supply shop-fitters, builders, creative-designers, architects, small to large businesses, retail outlets, restaurants and caf├ęs, work-place offices, building companies of all sizes, and of course - the general public.